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On Friday, we held our assembly for Middle School for the month of March.  We have a monthly assembly the last Friday of the month (due to spring break, the last Friday is on March 18.  Go figure.)

Anyway, we always recognize students for various reasons.  This assembly was presenting the science fair awards, recognizing the soccer teams for their recent tournaments (Girls #1, Boys #2), and the track team for their accomplishments in the recent city meet.

Usually, teachers recognize students for various reasons (improved attitude, continued effort, and so on).  This time, there was a twist.  The teachers were recognized for demonstrating one of the 6 Core Values of AIS:Leadership, Generosity, Scholarship, Engagement, Esteem, and Resilience.  Two teachers were recognized.

I was recognized for Generosity.  The reason is that I sit with students at lunch and actually talk with them.  The other teacher was recognized for the same reasons.  Of all 14 expat teachers, only 2 of us do this on a regular basis.  Most sit in the “teacher room” and eat or sit with other teachers.  Alex and I both sit with students every day.  It builds that relationship and students enjoy it.  I actually sit with the same group of girls each day (they originally asked me to join them), while Alex moves to different groups.  Either way, it is nice that this is noticed by our Dean and counselor, who created the awards.

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Little Celebrations International Women’s Day

Tuesday march 8 was International Women’s Day.  Not really celebrated in the US, but here in Asia, it is a big deal.  Gifts are received.  Women are shown more respect.

It was no exception at school.  Our HR director sent an email to all school staff wishing them a happy Women’s Day

.womens day email

A student sent an email to her female teachers.

womens day Han

Students, especially the girls,  all day kept wishing me “Happy Women’s Day!”

At lunch, while I was in my room, a student came in with a wrapped gift.  He was very nervous and had a difficult time trying to get the words out.  He finally said “Happy Women’s Day” and handed me the gift.  After I thanked him, he quickly left.  This 7th grade boy was clearly embarrassed. His gift, a small scented votive candle.

A group of girls soon followed.  One with a gift, and the others just to come with her.  This gift was a small individual serving of ice cream cake with chocolate!  These girls definitely know my weakness! This was delicious to eat as I was grading assignments and preparing for a parent conference.  Nothing like a little chocolate to give me a boost!

What a great day with my students!



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