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2015-2016 8th grade…I’ll Miss You Guys!

I’ll miss this group of 8th graders:

Junghoon Choi – Likes to be silly but acts very serious

Jake (Phong) Chu – Always silent, not sure of what is going on

Emily D (Hue)  Duong – Class leader.  I’ll miss our lunches!

Stephanie (Tra) Duong – So sweet!

Mike (Minh) Ho – Bookworm, and always smiling!

Annie H ( Vy) Hoang – Two years of you doubting your own abilities

David (Dat) Huynh – Member of the Goofball club, but so smart!

Min Kim – Never likes to be photographed

Annie  (Anh) Le  – You blend into the background

Huy  Le –  Serious, yet funny at the same time

Robin (Quan) Le – Such strides you made this year!

Amy (Hiu) Le –  You can now say you speak 6 languages after being in German club!

Lisa (Giao) Lee –  Two years of trying to be the best!

Steve (Lam) Lo – You moved from very introverted to an extrovert and made many friends!

Alpha (Nhan) Nguyen– Head of the Goofball Club!

Kim (Huong) Nguyen – You came in at the end of the year, and you worked so hard!

Annie T (Trang) Nguyen – Loved your smile every day!

Mimi (Bich) Nguyen – Artist extraordinaire!  I’ll be able to say I knew you when….

Katy (Phuong) Nguyen – I’ll miss you doing your jumping jacks for speaking Vietnamese!

Eric (Long) Nguyen – Yes, I know you are taller than me (and everyone else).  Yes, I know you like to find a shortcut.  I’ll miss you looking for the easy way out and writing all your math in ink (usually green ink…)

Minh Nguyen – I’ll miss “Math with Minh!” and our lunches

Khanh Nguyen – Remember, we aren’t short, we are fun sized!

Katy (Thao) Nguyen – I’ll miss your lack of confidence and your arguments with Minh!

Thang Nguyen – You are smart and I know you will go far!

Hung Pham – Two years of watching you grow up and mature!

Ryan (Minh) Pham – You always questioned how to do things, and never believed in yourself.  Good luck in the US!

Emily (Vy) Pham – Another bookworm and lunch group member.

Phuc Phan – Remember, next to Knucklehead in the dictionary, is your picture.  You were a lot of fun these last 2 years!

Jenni (Quan) Tran – So quiet and such a perfectionist!  Also, perfect handwriting!

Henry (Khoi) Tran – You deserved the math award for the improvement that you showed.  #I hate math indeed!

Jenny(Thu) Tran – You worked hard!  Wish I had gotten to know you a little better

Alice (Phuong) Tran – Definitely the loudest!  I’ll miss you screaming “Hi Ms Susan!” every time you saw me!  the hall will definitely be quieter now!

Bao Vuong – So serious, and yet you really had a funny side to you as well!

THanks for all the great fun and the memories!



The whole class and homeroom teachers

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Last Day of School!

Monday was the last day of the 2015-2016 school year.  Students are getting yearbooks, cleaning, watching movies, and having a good time.  It is also graduation practice for the 8th grade.  THey also received their final report cards for the year.  In addition, there was an assembly to give out the Awards that students voted on.  Most of the awards did go to grade 8.



I will miss this bunch!

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