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Summer Vacation

This has been a busy summer.  Since school ended on June 8, I have been extremely busy……packing for my trip to the USA, packing to move to a new apartment, thinking about what I am teaching in August, and how to revamp the curriculum.

The packing to move apartments has been piecemeal.  My new apartment was previously occupied by another colleague, who has returned to the US.  He was kind enough to let me start to move stuff there before heading out of HCMC.  I packed all my school clothes, and other miscellaneous items that I knew would not be needed any time soon, and took the short taxi ride over to HAGL3 (New Saigon).  Todd and Lori were nice enough to place everything into one of the wardrobes.  They also left kitchen utensils, some cooking oil, various condiments, and so forth.  When I return to HCMC, I will have to finish moving and get my deposit back from Sky Garden.

Packing for the US trip was done at the same time.  I needed clothes for NC summer (shorts and tees), plus clothes for the cruise to Canada (capris, jeans).  I also decided to take various teaching books back to the US since I would not be using them in the next couple of years.  Even with all the careful planning, I still had 2 nearly full suitcases!

I am planning to reorganize how I teach algebra in the fall.  Instead of going through each chapter, one section at a time, I am planning to consolidate into large units.  Thanks to Sarah at mathequalslove, I have a unit outline already.  I just need to align it to the AERO standards and the textbook.  My thoughts are in the back of my mind, so I think I have a good grasp on this.

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Okay, it has been awhile…..

My, the summer has flown by!

After the end of school on June 8, I had a week before I flew to the USA for a month.  During that time, I had to pack things in my apartment for the trip, as well as pack to move.  I decided that after 2 years living in Sky Garden, it was time to move.  So I signed a lease in Hoang Anh Gia Lai 3 (also known as New Saigon or HAGL-3).  THe tenants in the apartment were teachers I knew from school who were returning to the US.  THey were nice enough to let me store things I would not need there, before they left and before I moved in July.

After enjoying time in the USA, complete with a family cruise to New England, a heat wave in North Carolina, and the construction going on at Mom’s house, I had to come back to Saigon.  THen it was time to move.

I have managed to complete the move to HAGL-3.  All that is left is to get my deposit back from Sky Garden (planned for this week).  Next week, I start back to school.  HAGL-3 is closer to school than Sky Garden, and I really am liking the new layout of the apartment.

I have to say, thanks to my friends Rick, Gynn, and David.  You guys made it so much easier to move, by helping me carry things the short distance.  Also, Carrie, you were awesome in organization at HAGL-3.  I’ll let you shop in my closet anytime you want!

Now that I am settled, I have to get the pink book (police registrations) out to school in order to get my new resident card.  Until I get that, I cannot travel anywhere.  It only takes about a week, once all the documentation is at school to process.

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