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Two weeks finished!

Today marks the end of the 2nd week of school.  What do I think so far?

My students are an amazing bunch.  There are so many students that I have taught for at least one year already.  There are some that are new to this campus.  There are some that are new to AIS.

I had my students complete a math autobiography foldable as their first assignment.  THis was so I could get to know them a little better.  One question they had to answer was what topic they liked best and least in math.  About 70% replied that they liked and/or disliked algebra and geometry.  Those that dislike algebra are i for it this year, because the 8th grade math class is algebra!

I have totally changed how I am teaching this year.  Students are doing more discovery and inquiry, instead of me presenting the material..  THat will change as the year progresses, and we get into topics that are new.  So far, though, students have been relatively successful.

In the pictures above, sstudents had to figure out absolute value on their own, since this is a review topic.  They had a series of stations activities to work through in their groups in order to figure out absolute value.  The discussion was amazing, and I refused to tell students the definition (it was in the directions of station 1).  The pictures above are from 2 of my classes; I forgot to take photos of the other two the previous day…..  😦

The next lesson is distributive property, another review topic.  We are doing a “Scavenger hunt” activity in order to show what we know.  This might have been review, but several students, who are new to the school this year, definitely had not idea what distributive property was.  It was good to see the class up and moving around, collaborating when necessary.


This has been a fun 2 weeks, and I am excited about the upcoming weeks!

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School has started…..or has it?

Teachers went back to work on August 3.  Students started August 10… least that was the plan.

There is a new building being built at AIS.  This one is for the elementary school.  Since this building was not ready, on August 9 the decision was made to delay the start of school until August 15.

The good news?  Three extra days in my classroom to get ready for the start of school.  The bad news?  I was ready on August 9.  That meant finding things to do for three days, from 8:30-4:00.  That is a lot of time to fill.

Email.  Facebook.  Streaming live TV from the US. Making myself look busy.  Visiting colleagues in the elementary building and helping them.  ANYTHING to keep busy.

Of course, we had a few meetings, but it was still a lot of time to fill.

Tomorrow…..the real first day with our students!

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Summer is almost over!

The summer is quickly ending.  Today, new teachers start their orientation at AIS.  Returning teachers will go back to school on Wednesday. 😱

I went to school last week.  I had to turn in my passport and residence card for renewal.  While there, I got to see the progress being made on the secondary building.  Lots of construction!

I found out that I am in the same room again as last year!  Yeah! 😃. I get the only room with the herringbone floor!  I know all the little quirks of the room already.  This year, grade 7 and 8 will be on one floor, and grade 6 and Vietnamese studies will be on a different floor.  This should help with some of the traffic flow and the noise in the halls.  Also, each floor will have its own break lounge and copy area. There are also grade level offices on each floor, so that we can actually meet somewhere as a grade level, other than in someone’s classroom.

I will only be teaching one prep this year.  Only grade 8 Algebra.  😀  I know many of the students because I taught them in grade 7 and some even in grade 6.  Only the students coming over from the Nguyen Huu Canh campus will be new.  I am looking forward to the new year.

Besides gearing up for the return to school, I am also beginning planing for my breaks….fall break, Christmas holidays, Tet break, spring break……the list foes on.  I think I am going to do a river cruise to Cambodia for fall break and possibly Ireland at either Christmas or Tet.  Ahhhh……..the joys of international teaching!

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