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One month finished!

Wow, it is already mid September!  Here we are, one month finished with school.  Where has the time gone?

My students are an amazing group.  They have the background knowledge needed for algebra 1, and for the most part, were successful on the first test.  This was good news as we moved into the 2nd unit, equations.  One-step and two-step equations seemed to be review for most students.  This was evident on the unit one test.  Of course, students were not happy to have a project about equations assigned, but it will definitely get students used to the rigor needed in high school, as well as demonstrate their abilities to create and solve equations.  I might tweak the project more next year, and add that they must create word problems, since translating is still an issue.


We have already had a long weekend (Vietnamese National Day on September 2), which I went to Singapore with a colleague.  Loved the time spent with Carrie!  She is a good person to travel with.  Of course, I spent way too much money, but that is what happens when you go to Singapore…..It is one giant shopping mall!

We did not have the full Mid-Autumn Festival like in the past.   :-(.  The elementary got the celebration, but it was just a regular day for the middle and high school.  This is a result of delaying the start of school for 3 extra days.

Tomorrow is another day off, for a Professional Development day.  From the information I have received, it looks like we are working on vertical alignment between the middle and secondary schools.  Great.  I have taught grades 6-9 at AIS, so I know what is needed.  The 7th grade math teacher has also taught grades 6-8 at AIS, so he also knows.  The 6th grade teacher…..Well, lets just say he doesn’t like following curriculum…..  I think I will be bored most of the day.  Especially, since I received standards for grades 6-8, but did not receive the HS Algebra standards (I have asked twice, and still only have grade 8, which is not Algebra 1).  I wonder if the High school teachers have the Algebra standards……

I have planned my fall break, when I go to Cambodia to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat.  I am still trying to decide about my winter break.  I have contacted a travel agency about possibly going to Australia, and have also thought about various other places.  Tet holiday will be Ireland this year (With my Mom, if she has recovered from her knee surgery by then!)

This is a post about random things, but that is just how my mind works sometimes…..

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