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Christmas Card

on December 14, 2017

It is just a few days left until Winter Break.  This year, I am flying to the US, for one night, before joining family on a cruise through the Panama Canal.  I am so ready for this break!

This has been a challenging week.  Not because of what I am teaching .  I love teaching linear equations.  IT has been challenging because the students are ready for break, and are also overwhelmed with their tests, projects, and school stuff at the end of the quarter/semester.  Needless to say, I have been frustrated a great deal this week.

My day was made with the arrival of a Christmas card from a cousin.  Since mail is unreliable to have delivered to my apartment, things are sent to me at school.  Of course, it came during homeroom.



My students were fascinated by the mail.  THey weren’t curious about who it was from.  Their comments were more along the lines of “Who sends mail?”  and “How much did it cost to send?”  I messaged my cousin top let her know I received the card, and that it took about two and half weeks to arrive.  I shared her response with the kids.  “It cost more to mail than the cost of the card.”

The card was a great pick me up after a frustrating week.  Tomorrow should be better.  It is Friday, casual day, an A day, and the opening of the new Star Wars movie (which I already have tickets to go see, with a group of friends).

I keep telling myself…It is only a few more days!


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